Fairy gardens and miniatures

Miniature fairy gardens and the houses and accessories that go in them have always been fascinating to me! I love learning how to make new decorations for my garden, and am happy to share some of my ideas and tutorials on this site. I hope to offer supplies and accessories for your miniature gardens in the future, but for now my site remains a gallery of tutorials and some of my own artwork I’m working on. Please let me know if the tutorials are helpful (and if you make anything, please share, I’d love to see it!).

To read more of what I have in mind for my many creations, feel free to read my “About Me” page (Click HERE). Most of all, enjoy the site, and please be inspired!

Fairy house fairy garden miniatures at beneaththeferns.w... #Fairyhouse #fairygarden #miniature #beneaththeferns


Fairy gardens house miniature scale tower by beneath the ferns close up


Fairy garden miniature house for fairies


Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 12


Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 18

14 thoughts on “Fairy gardens and miniatures

  1. I am going to make a fairy garden, but can’t make what you have made. I used to be real crafty but as I have gotton older and sicker, Have Ms. and Lupus. I don’t do as well. I think it will be good for me to do some making and some buying. Can I ask a question. Do you put the rock road on something or just put it on the earth where you are designing. Thanks for helping me think of stuff, Do you sell some of your displays


    • Hi Janet! I’m sorry to hear of your health challenges, I hope you can still find ways to be “crafty” 🙂 I put the “rocks” on a wood board. The rocks are really polymer clay, so I just glued them right on. Right now I don’t sell anything, but hopefully in the future I can. I’m having a baby boy soon, so I know I won’t have time for much for a while! If you make anything, I’d love to see it! 🙂 Jessi


    • Dear Janet:

      I am also sick but have made a fairy garden for a senior center. I used plain Bird Houses. My husband put another hole on the opposite side and then in the roof. I used rocks on the walls with E6000 glue, then used tape behind the windows and used a lot of E6000 then poured crystal in the windows to make glass and then I used Weber Grill smoker chips layered on the roofs for a shake shingle roof. In the top of the roof, where my husband drilled a hole, I put a cheap column solar light so that it will light up the windows. Then I made my fairies out of wire and used silk flowers as their skirts. If you have any questions, contact me.


    • Hi Sue, the pieces are smaller than a black bean (the kind you might put in soup), but not by much. I think the smaller you make them, the more the different colors of the path blend together (but then it takes you longer to make!) 🙂 Jessi


  2. I’ve only recently started to dabble in fairy gardens/houses/furniture. I just found your site and love your designs, thanks for sharing! I will continue to watch. Congratulations on your blessing on board. (baby boy).

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  3. It’s only been in the past 4 or less months that I’ve seen the ” fairy houses and gardens” out there. I’m a kind of whimsical person and I’m beginning to fall in love with this whole idea. Believe it or not, the first photo I saw was a fairy house and I at first believed it to be a life-like cottage! It was that real looking. Now I’m enchanted by the whole idea! I love everything about these fairy houses and all the additional decor that goes inside and outside of them. Your site is exquisite! So much talent and artistry!! I saw a fairy house that was posted on Pinterest went to google to search your website. So happy I did. You are so very talented!! I thank you for sharing your ideas in the photos you have displayed. And congratulations on your baby boy 😊!!! I’ll keep your website handy as I’d love to return for a visit. I applaud your work! Sincerely, Petrina

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