My Little Hedgehogs

Miniature hedgehogs are taking over! Soon to be found at my Etsy shop, these adorable figurines will add some charm and whimsy to your fairy garden! They are hand made from polymer clay, and each one is truly unique. Where will your Little Hedgehogs go in your garden?

Miniature hedgehog polymer clay fairy garden accessory

Fairy gardens supplies accessories miniatures hedgehog slug beneaththeferns

Miniature hedgehog fairy gardens supplies accessory beneaththeferns trees

Fairy gardens supplies accessories miniature hedgehog elf shoes beneaththeferns

Miniature hedgehogs fairy garden supply accessory beneaththeferns daisy

Mini hedgehog ladybugs fairy gardens supplies accessories beneaththeferns

Fairy gardens supplies miniature mushroom hedgehog gnome house

hedgehog Mushroom miniature house fairy garden accessory

Fairy gardens supplies accessories boot hedgehog black

Check back in late June to see them in my Etsy shop, along with other miniature garden accessories I’ll be listing. Oh, and did I mention how to get your free Little Hedgehog? I want everyone to have a little friend in their garden, so I’ll be giving these guys away 🙂 Check back later to see how to get yours!

Until then, happy gardening!



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