Small fairy house

This is a smaller fairy house that I made for the fairy village in the book that I’m making. To create the appearance of a village in the woods, I’m going to have to make quite a few fairy houses. The image will be quite large, so small details inside the house will not show up. Even so, I tried to make the outside of the house as detailed as possible…I love details.

Fairy house miniature fantasy dollhouse by beneath the ferns

I’m happy with how this one turned out, it is small and charming, just a modest home for a fairy who lives alone, or perhaps a mother-in-law house of sorts…

I had the house sitting on the counter, and the afternoon light coming through the windows caught my eye…

Fairy house windows and fairy door tutorial by Beneath the Ferns

One section of shingles on…

Tutorial miniature fairy house with shake shingles by Beneath the Ferns

I love the slate colored shingles against the brown house.

Miniature fairy house dollhouse fairy door from polymer clay

The ornate trim are scraps left over from when my Dad lasered the spiral staircase for another scene. I just love reusing pieces that were made unintentionally, and have them look like I meant to make them all along! (Check out that project HERE)

Fairy door miniature dollhouse polymer clay

Fairy door for miniature fairy house by beneaththeferns

Fairy house fairy gardens miniature elf house by beneath the ferns

Since this house is smaller, I’ll have to go bigger for my next one. I’m thinking it will have lots of different angles and windows, and will be two or three stories tall. I guess it all depends on what types of boxes I have lying around!

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