Charlie’s Creations

Fairy gardens, gnome homes, and other miniature creations are sure more fun when you can share them with other people….and surprisingly, I find that one of my main supporters is my brother. Charlie got more of the engineering brain than I did, and is an aviation inspector. If you’ve flown in a Boeing jet, Charlie made sure the parts that his company put on there were flawless…

So what happens when an aviation inspector starts making miniature furniture for “small people”? (He won’t call them fairies, just “small people”) Check out some of these pictures he’s sent me and see what he’s come up with….

A miniature raft, lashed together with twine… I wonder what adventures await upon the river…

Gnome miniature fairy garden #beneaththeferns 3

Gnome miniature fairy garden #beneaththeferns 2

It looks very seaworthy…

Gnome raft miniature fairy garden #beneaththeferns 1

Charlie lives about two hours away from me, and loves exploring the woods around his area. He told me how one day, deep in the woods of a large walking trail area, he found two lovely gnome figures that someone had placed in a sheltered area of a rock. He thought it was pretty cool that someone would be so far off the path, and bring these gnomes to live. So my brother, having a good amount of imagination himself, went home, and proceeded to chop up miniature sized firewood to bring back to the gnomes. He cut each one with a miniature saw, and then neatly piled it for the gnomes.

I can only imagine the surprise when whomever left the gnomes to begin with returns….to find that their little friends have been quite busy!

Gnome home miniature fairy garden #beneaththeferns



And here is the “Small Person” camp that Charlie made. He cut everything with the small bow saw shown next to the fire pit, which he artfully constructed from a real saw blade.

Fairy garden miniature camp gnome home 1

Lots of materials to start building… the small bundles are shake shingles for a “Small Person” house.

Fairy garden miniature camp gnome home 6

A camp for them to stay at when they are out and about…

Fairy garden miniature camp gnome home 2

Their house….

Fairy garden miniature camp gnome home 3

Fairy garden miniature camp gnome home 4

Furniture he made using his mini bow-saw…

Fairy garden miniature camp gnome home 5

Charlie is very talented, and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to create next!


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