Hobbit house

I started this hobbit house over a year ago, with the hope to make a durable and weather resistant decoration for my fairy garden. My Dad created the frame from wood, which was nailed to a hexagonal base. I then put polymer clay around the entire frame, adding details as I went along.

Fairy house garden hobbit gnome home beneaththeferns


I made the top out of a few pieces of cardboard, then paper mache’ed (is that a word???) around them. Finally I added miniature shingles created from a box I had painted. The top lifts off, which makes it easy to transport.




Fairy house fairy garden miniatures at beneaththeferns.w... #Fairyhouse #fairygarden #miniature #beneaththeferns 3s


One of my fairy gardens with the hobbit house…

Hobbit house door Fairy house fairy garden miniatures at beneaththeferns.w... #Fairyhouse #fairygarden #miniature #beneaththeferns

In the end, the hobbit house was not as waterproof as I thought it would be. The wood shrinks and swells with the natural humidity in the air, so I can’t leave it in the fairy garden if it looks like it is going to rain! I’ll have to keep brainstorming how to make it more durable!

Thanks for reading, and click  HERE to see more pictures of the hobbit house with the garden path in front.



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