Tulip fairy garden, entry for garden contest at Fairygardens.com

With fall quickly approaching, my summer fairy gardening is coming to a close. What better time to look through what has been created this summer than a cold, rainy day such as today? To make the walk down memory lane even more fun, the folks over at Fairygardens.com are holding their annual fairy garden contest, which is a great way for everyone to come together and share their creations over the past summer. It’s sort of a “harvest” of great fairy garden ideas!

First up is my tulip house garden, created with my daughter and our two nieces when they came to visit this May. Everyone had a part creating something… we told the adults if you want to come see what we made, they would have to make something to add to the garden too! They looked around at random leaves and flowers for a bit, and before long were having just as much fun as the kids!

Fairy garden house miniature how to tutorial

Fairy garden house miniature how to tutorial
The fairy garden in the early spring, and after the fairies moved in.

Fairy house nature kids craft garden miniature
Elena used lilac blossoms in walnut shells to create tiny flower pots.

Fairy gardens swing miniature how to tutorial
Emma created a swing from the fork of a tree. Her dad helped show her what knots to use to tie it!

Fairy house toddler nature craft garden miniature
Mary Helen is still a bit young to create her own fairy furniture, but would just run her hands around the garden, carefully touching each piece we made.

Fairy house nature craft garden miniature
A fairy totem pole made from tulip petals, the house is made from cedar bark.

Fairy furniture swing garden miniature
Emma also created a swing in the background from a rock, and I made a dandelion swirl.

Fairy house nature craft garden miniature

Fairy house nature craft garden diy miniature
Aunt Lisa made the fairy garland hanging above, and Uncle Oscar created a hammock from a tulip leaf.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a spring day. We are sure the fairies had as much fun living in this garden as we had creating it! Want to see more fairy gardens, or enter your own in the contest? (Come on, it’ll be fun!) Visit www.fairygardens.com/contest/ or click the picture below to see what others have created!

Fairygardens.com fairy garden contest


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