Happy Birthday Mom! A picnic themed fairy garden…

Miniature fairy gardens pathway birthday theme

This month my mom celebrated her birthday, and while I wasn’t able to be there, I made this fairy garden as a belated birthday gift for her!

Birthday fairy garden theme with miniature picnic table

I started with a terra-cotta colored walkway I got from the eFairies store in Tacoma, Washington. I love the classic foundation it gives the garden.

Next I added a little bistro table and chairs made from fancy, craft beer bottles.

Miniature fairy garden birthday theme pathway from efairies

I added some plates, a miniature birthday card, and of course, a giant cupcake to share with my mom…

Miniature fairy garden happy birthday theme

Miniature fairy garden birthday theme bird house

On the side are a matching bird house and bird bath that I made.

Miniature fairy garden birthday theme picnic table

…and I finished it off with a few mushrooms and a birthday banner. I hope my mom enjoys this garden as much as I enjoyed watching it come together! Happy Birthday Mom!

Miniature fairy gardens summer accessories birthday theme


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom! A picnic themed fairy garden…

  1. I truly enjoyed getting this little fairy garden for my birthday! It is so pretty and has such fine detail, from the little patio blocks and little table and table settings, to the miniature birdhouse and birdbath. I wish I was small enough to sit down awhile and enjoy a cup of iced tea and dream. Thank you for this wonderful little garden!

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