Small fairy house finished!

I’m excited to be done with another paper mache fairy house! The inside will be left empty, since this fairy house belongs to my daughter (at least that’s what she believes, and I’m not going to try and convince a 2 year old that it doesn’t!). She loves to play in it, and in the past it has made a great “barn” for Sven and Christoph when she gets her Frozen dolls out!

Fairy house miniature fantasy dollhouse by beneath the ferns


I went with a grey color for the roof, since the other houses in the village have had a lot of warm brown tones.

Fairy house fairy gardens miniature elf house by beneath the ferns

Fairy door miniature dollhouse polymer clay


The small accents around the fairy house windows are remnants from another project for my book, a laser-cut spiral staircase. I’m glad to put them to good use!

Fairy door for miniature fairy house by beneaththeferns


Fairy garden accessory elf boot with mushroom


Miniature fairy house dollhouse fairy door from polymer clay


This year has been busy (having a baby!), so I’m glad I got a project done that I started a while back. If you want to visit the other fairy houses I’ve made so far, click HERE.

And if you’d like to see how the roof is built, click HERE.

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A rare sighting…. The home of Fae maritimus

Recently I went camping on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, and was delighted to find the very rare dwelling of the fairy type, Fae maritimus. Otherwise known as the common  beach fairy, F. maritimus is well known for weaving their homes from the durable grasses that line saltwater beaches. I was very cautious when approaching this house, as I was unsure whether the residents were at home or not…


Fairy house ocean woven beach sculpture by Beneath the ferns


Just as I approached the home, a group of tourists walked by, and I, not wanting to draw attention to the home of F. maritimus, left the area quickly. And later I realized what a good move that was, for this house was indeed inhabited. When I returned later that evening, the owner of the home was inside, and I could see them moving around (most likely preparing the evening meal).

Sunset over fairy house beach fairies sculpture by beneath the ferns

I watched from afar, my telephoto lens allowing me a closer glimpse of the house. I could make out that the door is crafted from seaweed, carefully hung from a reed to protect the interior of the home from the elements.


While a common type of fairy, F. maritimus gains the reputation of being rare, simply because their dwellings blend into the surroundings so well. They live on both the east and west coasts, and on the shore of other inland bodies of water.

Fairy garden house sculpture by beneath the ferns

I left before I made my presence known, as I did not want to disturb the owner of this house. I plan to return, as I admire these fairies who make the gusty sea shore their home.

Baby fairies in the garden!

I anticipate that this might be my last post for a while, as my husband and I are about to welcome our second child, a baby boy, into the world! Our two-year old daughter is so excited, and tells everyone “I’m ‘onna be a big sista!” So the only fitting way to share this experience is to imagine how our fairy friends might also celebrate the coming of a new little one… Here are a few of my favorites from Etsy, and they’d all make a great addition to any fairy garden! Just click the pictures to go to their shops on Etsy ♥

Tania from Fairy Shadow makes these adorable little Waldorf-inspired fairies, complete with a felt leaf to hide in! I love the tiny antennae and all the details in the leaves!
Fairy garden baby miniature figurine by Fairy Shadow

Garnett over at Garnetth makes little wee ones that are so natural, they look like something you might find if you start looking under all the leaves in your fairy garden!
Fairy garden baby miniature figurine by Garnetteh

There’s something about this sweet babe that really captures a newborn…maybe it’s the round little cheeks and button nose, but this polymer clay fairy reminds me of my own daughter when she was born! (By Jennifer at Gnome Woods)

Fairy garden baby miniature figurine by Gnome Woods

I love how Agnes at Sacred Jewel matched tiny little wings with this sleeping fairy! The colors are so soft and muted, they fit right in with the milkweed cradle!

Fairy garden baby miniature figurine by Sacred Jewel

This sweetie looks like her wings are drying out, and when she wakes up, she might just be ready to explore her world! Paula at Trilliants makes amazingly realistic fairy figurines!

Fairy garden baby miniature figurine by Trilliants

And finally, here is the exhausted momma fairy, grabbing a quick nap while she can before her little one wakes up again! (By The Little Hedgerow)

Fairy sleeping miniature garden figurine by The Little Hedgerow

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch some sleep like the fairy above! Have a wonderful June, and I’ll return soon with another little fairy of my own 🙂

~ Jessi

Fairy garden accessories from fresh shops on Etsy

Fairy gardens are one of the hottest new trends in gardening! A quick search on sites like Pinterest will show how many amazing artists are creating adorable treasures for the fairy folk. Among these talented artists are a few I found on Etsy with original ideas for creating fairy garden accessories and supplies. In such a big marketplace, these artisans have found their own niche. Check out these fresh shops and see if there isn’t something that you need in your own fairy garden! (Click each picture to go to their shops)

I’m in love with this fairy house! Look at all the details carefully carved into the side of the stump (RooPottery also offers all the other accessories you see in the picture in their shop)

Fairy house miniature gnome home by Roo Pottery

These miniature fairy house windows will turn any regular stump into a home for our little friends! The color on each window seems to blend perfectly with the garden foliage around them. (By TGO2014)

Fairy gardens supplies miniature windows by TGO2014

This hobbit house is soooo cute, I can imagine creating a whole hillside full of them! (Aka, The Shire!) Kara does an amazing job, and sells the hobbit house as a kit, allowing the customer to personalize each fairy garden as they create it. (By Mossy Pocketss)

Hobbit house fairy gardens supplies by Mossy Pocketss

Next is an elegant little chair, fit for fairy royalty! I love the way the jewels sparkle and accent the purple flowers in the background. What color flowers would you plant next to this adorable fairy chair? (By Fairy Fountain Minis)

Fairy gardens supplies miniature chair by Fairy Fountain Minis

I’m blown away at all the detail that Michelle from Fairy Creek Lane has put into this little clothesline! Each heart is hand-crocheted, and attached with a miniature clothespin. Sooo cute!

Fairy gardens supplies miniature clothesline by Fairy Creek Lane

This little hummingbird feeder looks so real, I wouldn’t be surprised if real hummingbirds stop by to check it out! The Enchanted Acorn makes these miniature feeders in different colors and styles to match the look of your unique fairy garden.

Fairy garden accessories miniature hummingbird feeder by The Enchanted Acorn

This miniature fence and gate are a perfect way to separate different sections of your fairy garden (I can imagine rich, green moss on the outside, and a miniature vegetable garden on the inside!) Cammy from the Misty Hollow Pixie has lots of other fairy garden supplies in her shop to go with this sweet little fence!

Fairy garden fence supplies by Misty Hollow Pixie

And finally, a fairy house so detailed and intricate, I want to move right in! Molly from Smoky Mountain Follies has an incredible eye, and has left nothing out on this magical house that started out as a garden gourd!

Fairy house miniature garden accessory by Smoky Mountain Follies

I have a feeling we’ll see lots of amazing creations from these fresh shops, and can’t wait to see what they add to their shops next!


Fairy house pictures: The Fairy Tower

I started this three story fairy house in December, so I’m sooo excited to see some real progress! As a full-time teacher and a full-time mom of a toddler, I don’t always have time to spend on my own hobbies. Maybe that’s why this feels like I really got something accomplished! Plus, I’m due with our second baby (a boy!) in early June, so getting this roof done was the last thing on my to-do list before he gets here! I guess I feel like I’m ready to dive into that crazy bleary-eyed-up-all-night-and-day mommy mode, but I really hope I can get more done on this house this summer…

The fairy house is made from stacking cardboard boxes together, then putting paper mache over the entire house. After many coats of paper mache and paint, I’ve finally started adding some details…

Fairy gardens house miniature scale tower by beneath the ferns close up


The miniature shake shingles are cardboard that I’ve painted, then cut apart. The windows are a design that I drew up, and my Dad kindly cut out of wood with his laser cutter (Thanks Dad!). Here are more pictures of the process…

Fairy house in progress by Beneath the Ferns stave house


Getting all the shingles glued on took much longer than I anticipated!
Fairy house miniature shake roof fantasy beneath the ferns


But I got them done!
Fairy gardens house miniature scale tower by beneath the ferns two
I found the finial on the top on clearance last year at Hobby Lobby… I thought it gave the fairy house a nice, stately look.

Fairy gardens house miniature scale tower by beneath the ferns


The “door” on the left side of the picture below is going to be attached to a bridge that the fairies can walk across to another building.

Fairy gardens house miniature scale tower by beneath the ferns three

Fairy gardens house miniature scale tower by beneath the ferns four


I need to create some doors for the balcony porch…

Fairy gardens house miniature scale tower by beneath the ferns close up front

I really want to live inside! Now I have to paint the underside of the shingles, add more doors and windows, and decorate the inside. I won’t be done for a while, but at least it gives me something to plan when I’m up for a midnight feeding!

Those are the most recent pictures, but if you want to see the whole process, check out this page here: Fairy Tower Page

Thanks for looking, and if you want to see the next photos of the process, feel free to subscribe and visit again ♥



How to draw attention to your fairy garden.

My fairy gardens are always in need of something “special” to catch my eye. Perhaps it is the little “pop” of red, with sprinkles of white, but one of the most eye-catching additions to any miniature garden are little toadstools (otherwise known as the fly amanita mushroom). This is no accident, mind you. There is actually some science behind it…

Fairy garden color wheel

The color wheel: each color has a complementary color that is their opposite, in this case, green and red.

Basic art classes will discuss in detail the way colors interact with each other, and the contrasting (or complementary) color to green is red. Since most plants are green (wait, they’re all green!), the best way to get someone’s attention is to add something red to the mix! Just look at the way the pictures below are surrounded by the green background of my page…sort of like a real garden.

Need some ideas to get started? Here are a few of my favorites…(Click on each picture to find out where to purchase ♥)

Fairy garden furniture by The Enchanted Acorn

I love these mushroom chairs and table! (The Enchanted Acorn!)

Fairy garden supply accessory mushroom bird house

This little bird (or gnat!) house is so sweet and tiny! The white really looks great with the red of the roof. (By Broken Sparrow Studio)

Fairy garden sign with mushroom supplies by The Ltttle Hedgerow

I love miniature mushroom accents this lovely fairy garden sign. (By The Little Hedgerow)

Mushroom fairy door by Paris Cabinet

This mushroom house could fit just as well inside your house. (By Paris Cabinet)

Fairy garden supplies mushroom by The Edgewater Shop

This fairy house is so small and delicate….check out the door handle that is made from a little gemstone! (By The Edgewater Shop)

Fairy gardens accessories miniature mushroom by Fairy Creek Lane

Another incredibly detailed fairy house! The cap is made from an acorn, and look at the carefully place moss around the door! (By Fairy Creek Lane)

Don’t they just pop off the page? I want to add them all to my fairy garden! Check out the link on each picture to see other fairy garden supplies and accessories that each of these talented shops offer ♥


Spring fairy house

Fairy house nature craft garden miniature


I recently had some family over, and my two nieces helped create an imaginative fairy garden made from spring flowers.  There are lots of fun accessories for the fairies to play on, from swings to a hammock!

Fairy house nature craft garden miniature

Little people love helping…Fairy house toddler nature craft garden miniature


I love this fairy swing!

Fairy furniture swing garden miniature


The window of the fairy house and a tulip tower…

Fairy house nature craft garden miniature

The completed fairy garden. To see the entire post with many more detailed pictures, click HERE! 

Fairy garden miniature house for fairies

The winners from The Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest!

Woo Hoo! The results are in, and I’m SOOO excited so say that my entry for the Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Contest won the “Best Fairy Garden” category!!! Considering all the other amazing miniature gardens that people made, I feel so honored to be given this award! Follow the link below to check out some of the other miniature garden entries…

The WINNERS from The Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest!.

And here was my entry…


This was my first time sharing any of my miniature fairy garden creations publicly, so I am over the moon right now! What a happy Friday it is!


My backyard fairy houses

After building many fairy houses for the little fairies to enjoy, I figured us bigger fairies needed someplace to kick our shoes off too….

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 18

The idea for my human-sized fairy houses came from an over-grown grape plant that had outlived the original trellis it had grown on. The grape was about 4 years old, and I had been trying to keep the vines off the ground after the wood trellis deteriorated. Winters here in the mountains are tough, and snow collapses everything that isn’t built to last.

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 1

The “nest” (as I like to call them) on the right is my original structure. I supported the initial structure with 6 long pieces of hazelnut, which I chose because it is flexible enough to be forced into a circular shape. I tied them together, and began the tenuous job of interweaving a mixture of grapevines and apple branches to form the round shape. When my husband saw it, he was impressed that you could actually stand up inside. But then he suggested “Wouldn’t it be great if it was even BIGGER?” which was all the encouragement I needed. So I began construction on the second nest, which is made mostly of apple branches (I ran out of grapevine after doing the first structure, and we had cut a large amount of apple trees from our property, so it was a convenient way to use them up!)

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 2

I don’t know if I can ever say that I am finished with either of them, because like a real birds nest, they constantly need to be added to and tended… I lose track of time standing out in the nests, primping and preening each branch like a proud momma bird…

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 3
The first nest, completely covered by the grapevine (It is an Interlaken, a wonderfully sweet table grape, eaten right from the vine).
Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 2n

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 17

Icicle Ridge from the second nest.
Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 19

A great place to eat ice cream on a hot summer evening…
Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 13

The second door in the smaller house

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 16

The door for the dogs
Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 15

As summer ended and autumn approached, I was worried about how the nests would fare during our long, snowy winters. I hoped the “arch” design would provide the support to keep each structure from falling under the weight of heavy snow…
Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 9

Little people still like to explore during the cold months…
Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 4

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 6

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 8

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 5

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 7

There is a fairy-sized nest built into the inside of the larger nest. Fairies moved into that house almost the next day, and seem to love it.
Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 11f

Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 11

The melting and freezing each day turned each branch into a sort of “rebar”, keeping the nests safe! With our winter out here in the West almost non-existent this year, the snow didn’t turn out to be a problem. The nests are in fine shape, and the grapes have began to bud, ready to start another long, hot summer. I hope we can have many more years of exploring the magic in our own backyard ♥

~ Jessi

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Fairy house garden woven structure #beneaththeferns #fairy #Faiiryhouse 18

Tutorial: How to make a mini leaf basket

Fairy gardens must be a lot of work for those little beings to maintain! I thought these baskets might lighten their loads a little…

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns

1) Dried leaves of various sizes
2) Shallow bowl with water
3) Different shaped pens or containers
4) Natural colored string like cotton or hemp
5) Scissors
Cost: $0.00 (unless you need to go buy the string)

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 7

Make sure the containers you are going to mold around have straight edges. For instance, because the white knife has a taper to it, you won’t be able to get the leaf basket off once it is dried.

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 2

1) Soak your leaves in water until they are soft and pliable. I usually let mine soak for at least an hour. Also soak the thread you are using, it makes it fit much tighter once you tie it on.

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 3

2) Pick your leaf, and carefully wrap it around your container. Make sure the entire bottom of the container is covered or your basket will have a place to leak the contents. (This part can be frustrating! If you have another pair of hands to help you, that would make this step much easier!)

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 4

3) Tie the wet thread around your leaf (sometimes I also cheat and use a rubber band first, then just cut it off later)

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 5

4) Set your leaf on a flat surface and let it dry completely. Make sure your basket is standing upright so the bottom forms a nice flat base. This will help it stand up later once it is dried.

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 6

Different containers make different baskets…

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 7

5) Once your basket is completely dry, use your scissors to trim the ends of the thread you used. You are done!

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 8

It’s so fun to see what each basket is going to look like! Remember to handle them very carefully…

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 10

Now let the fairies start putting them to use in the pantry…

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 11

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 13

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 12

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 14

Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns 15

Good luck and have fun! I’d love to see your pictures if you make this project! I’m sure everyone has unique leaves where they live that would make slightly different baskets 🙂

~ Jessi

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Fairy basket tutorial miniature from beneath the ferns #miniature #fairyhouse #fairygarden #beneaththeferns